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DISTRIBULITE Your eco-energy solution partner

Distribulite specializes in the distribution of lighting fixtures, charging stations, lighting controls, and wiring for the commercial, industrial, institutional sectors and residential. As lighting specialists, we aim to share our expertise with you to optimize the profitability while promoting sustainable development through socially responsible investments.

Beyond distribution, DistribuLite is primarily a company dedicated to supply comprehensive lighting solutions tailored to various markets, including commercial, industrial, urban, sports, and institutional projects. Within these segments, we have particular expertise in healthcare and cleanroom environments, correctional facilities, as well as sports arenas.

In addition to lighting design, we also emphasize control solutions. In all our projects, the lighting control system is also considered, taking into account usage schedules and daylight contribution to minimize electrical consumption and energy waste without compromising visual appeal. We adhere to the detailed criteria outlined in LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) and ASHRAE guidelines.

What We Offer

LED Linear Fixtures

Our commercial linear luminaires utilize an advanced LED optical system to achieve superior performance.

Universal Voltage 120V to 347V , IP66

Our high-efficiency hi-bay luminaires are a versatile and energy-efficient lighting solution.

Surface Mounted LED Fixtures

Our luminaires with brightness adjustment combined with adjustable CCT from 3000K to 6500K

LED Commercial Downlight

Commercial LED recessed lights are suitable for an input of 100~347 VAC

Electric Vehicle Charging Station

• Level 2 residential charging stations • Level 2 commercial charging stations • Level 3 fast charging stations • Multi-unit dwelling solutions


The installation of LED lighting products is one of the energy efficiency measures subsidized by Hydro-Québec. This subsidy covers up to 90%* of the cost of the upgrades and is provided upon completion of the work. The new subsidy includes various types of LED fixtures: Highbays, floodlights, parking lot lights, vaportights, and more.

We are at your service to prepare the documentation for subsidy applications, as well as lighting plans and return on investment studies.

The Difference

At Distribulite, our mission is simple: to meet the most stringent requirements of our diverse clientele. With exceptional expertise and an optimal customer experience, Distribulite is your specialist in lighting, charging stations, and energy solutions for the commercial, industrial, and residential sectors.

Our Value

When you work with DistribuLite to support a project, you are in the hands of dedicated and trustworthy professionals who can be relied upon to achieve your goals. As specialists in lighting, we want to share our expertise with you to optimize the profitability of your building while contributing to sustainable development through socially responsible investments.

Trust the professionals

Alain Beaulieu
BELL CENTRE - Director Master Electrician

I would like to give a point of my satisfaction, and draw your attention to the remarkable work that DistribuLite has provided us, both relationally and productively.

DistribuLite team promised us 100% satisfaction of their lighting solutions and they did deliver 100% results

Dimitrios Saponas
Hallo Pharma - Directeur, Ingenierie

Since our very first meeting and our very first counterpart signed in summer 2020 DistribuLite has always continued to be deeply involved in 100% satisfaction. To conclude DistribuLite is a young and dynamic company that has grown at the same rate as several industrial companies in our region and Hallo Pharma is ​​proud to be one of DistribuLite’s customers.

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